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Discover the leading geological firm Orix Geoscience Inc. (Orix) is a geological consulting firm that partners with exploration and mining companies providing geological and geomatic expertise for grassroots, brownfields and advanced-stage projects. A healthy workplace culture, high quality of work and strong industry partnerships are values that dominate our business.

Orix works collaboratively with our clients as“the arm of their exploration team”.We provide strategic support on all aspects of a project, from data organization, interpretation and target generation, through to boots-on-the-ground mapping and drill program execution.  

Our experience with large historical paper and digital datasetsenables us to master efficient processes for reviewing large quantities of information. Aspects of project work may include scanning and cataloguing paper data, data organization, digitizing, data entry, database management, GIS compilation, interpretation, 3D modelling, target generation, fieldwork, QAQC and reporting. Orix services also include marketing materials which can showcase a project’s potential to investors, as well as IT access where our secure server can be used as a data storage solution. 

Our geomatics division focuses on spatial data cleaning, mine grid conversion, analysis, management and raw data collection. Our ability to collect new spatial data for clients soared to new heights this summer when Orix purchased a Fixed Wingtra 1542 Drone with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. Our newly launched “O-Drone Team” of UAV Pilots/GIS Analystsnow provides our clients with high-resolution video and georeferenced imagery to collect elevation data, plan traverses, receive a first pass geological overview of a property and use as marketing material. Mining applications include calculating stockpile volumes, monitoring tailing ponds and assessing of road, flood and slope conditions.  

At Orix, we believe in ongoing communication between our team and clients, through detailed weekly progress updates and an open-door policy. Our deliverables are available in a variety of formats and are presented in a simplified way. We are your one-stop-shop for geological support.

Orix was co-founded in 2012 with a creative business model in mind, to make an impact on the industry through collaborative partnerships and operate with a strong workplace culture, all while thriving in a cyclical industry. At Orix, we understand the importance of both hand interpretations and utilizing computers to understand and model geological controls. We encourage our geologists to go back to paper and pencil first when doing interpretations and recognize the importance of boots on the ground field work. Our senior associates provide additional expertise related to resource modelling, exploration targeting, structural geology and geochemistry.

Seven years after incorporation, Orix’s top achievement is attaining continual growth and a positive reputation during one of the mining industries’ most significant downturns by looking at business in a creative way. In 2014, we acquired Zone 14, a well-known Winnipeg-based GIS services company with aligned values to Orix and complimentary GIS expertise. To date, Orix operates out of three offices in Toronto, Winnipeg and Sudbury, and has a diverse team of 60-plus employees, of which 54 per cent are female and 13 per cent were born outside of Canada. 

Orix proudly supports exploration and mining in Manitoba. In November of 2018, Orix co-hosted the inaugural Central Canada Mineral Exploration Convention (CCMEC), an industry-led convention, alongside the Manitoba Prospector and Developers Association. We were very excited to be part of this initiative and will be partnering again this year to co-host an even bigger and better CCMEC on November 18th-19th in Winnipeg.

Orix strives to provide an easy and efficient solution for companies who need multi-faceted project support. Our vision is to be the leading geological firm of choice in terms of culture, quality of work and creative partnerships.

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