Fraud alert

To our valued clients….

It has come to our attention that there is a company out of Illinois named Community Connections Publishing that are contacting our valued advertisers saying that they are DEL Communications Inc. and booking advertisements for false publications. Our websites and online magazines are being used to reference existing ads and they are offering a promotional ad size increase at a low rate.

We have contacted authorities and they are working on the case. Unfortunately DEL Communications is not the only company Community Connections Publishing has targeted.

Our emails and websites have not been hacked, they are communicating with advertisers verbally over phone.

If you suspect or question the authenticity of the phone contact:

  • Ask them to identify themselves and their company (we are DEL Communications Inc. and have not been bought out by another company).
  • Get a phone number and try to call them back.
  • Do not give credit card information over the phone if you are unsure of the caller’s identity.
  • Call us to confirm any suspicious or too good to be true offer. We can be reached at 1-866-644-3342
  • If you have experienced fraud, file a claim with your credit card company.
  • Report fraud to the following agencies: the Better Business Bureau, the RCMP, the FBI, or the Federal Trade Commission.