RAMROD Mini Skid Compact Loaders

July 9, 2013

RAMROD 1350 TrackRAMROD Equipment, “the longest running mini skid manufacturer in the industry,” offers over 60 years of quality and experience to customers and dealers worldwide. Located in Yorkton, Saskatchewan,  RAMROD Equipment has spent years developing and perfecting RAMROD products to manufacture only the highest quality of equipment.

RAMROD ‘PRO Series’, RAMROD ‘Estate Series’ and RAMROD ‘Specialty Custom’ models are RAMROD Equipment’s 2013-14 line of models currently on the market. RAMROD ‘Mini Skid Compact Loaders’ and attachments can always provide the right equipment solution. From wheeled to track, narrow to wide, diesel, biodiesel, propane to gas powered, remote control operation, different hydraulics output options, and a wide selection of attachments, the RAMROD line is a profitable investment for dealers to represent and end-users to own. Countless “quick attach” attachments are also available for all units, such as buckets, levelers, augers, trenchers, backhoes, pallet forks, hydraulic hammers, and much more.

RAMROD Remote ControlThe RAMROD ‘PRO Series’  includes Model 930 Wheel, Model 1330 Track and Model 1350 Track. These heavy duty multi-purpose units offer commercial operator more power and performance than ever before. With incredible push-pull tractive power, exclusive self-leveling loader arms, industry leading lift height and carrying capacity up to 2,700 pounds, the RAMROD ‘PRO Series’ is ideal for any tough conditions or industrialized application.

The RAMROD ‘Estate Series’ features Models 500 Wheel and 575 Track. These two units deliver big performance in small places. Machines are driver-friendly, with an unobstructed view of all working conditions. The 34-inch or 40-inch narrow track base of the RAMROD ‘Estate Series’ makes it easy for operators to access tight work areas that larger loaders are incapable of reaching. These compact machines are easily transported on trailers or pick-up trucks and are ideal for home owners, acreages, barnyard use, or light utility and construction applications.

RAMROD Remote Contolled UnitOne feature that the RAMROD Mini Skid Loader has, that sets it apart from other compact loaders, is the option of remote control operation. Using the RAMROD Model 1350 Track machines as a base, these upgraded Remote Controlled units allows the machine to be controlled within the operator’s line of sight up to a maximum distance of 500 yards from the machine. These machines are ideal in conditions where space is very confined, where toxic materials are being handled, where falling debris may cause operator injury, where slope conditions are severe or anywhere that could jeopardize the operator’s health and safety. The numerous industrial applications can also be accommodated with special requirements such as lighting, cameras and attachments, for below the surface and above ground use, inside or outside of buildings.

Currently, RAMROD Remote Control units are being used in mines in Chile, South America; British Columbia, Canada, and throughout the United States.

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