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April 25, 2016

29 - chain hoist with backgroundCertified Mining & Construction Sales & Rentals (CMC) in Saskatoon is a unique, solutions-oriented company that sells, rents, and recertifies equipment for the mining, construction, utilities, and agricultural industries across North America.  They stock only the best brands, including Thern, 3M, Vitali, Atlas Copco, Multiquip, and Wacker Neuson.

“We have a wide array of customers who rely on us for those niche-type products that no one else has.  Everything we have is for rent and for sale,” notes Scott Frey, general manager.  “We get lots of customers who will rent a piece of gear and then later come back to us and decide they want to buy it because their needs have changed or for other reasons.”

CMC rents equipment on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Once rented, CMC will transport the equipment to the job site ready-to-go within 24 hours, complete with paperwork and a maintenance program.

Innovative solutions

CMC is not like any other rental company.  “We’re more of a solutions provider,” explains Frey.  “We sit down with the customer and provide complete solutions to the complex problems they have.  If a customer needs a unique piece of gear, we’ll find it or make it.  As part of the Northern Strands Group of Companies, we have the ability to access expertise in myriad areas and we can use this expertise to develop and build a piece of gear from scratch to solve your problem.  We’ve done this in many situations.”

An example of such an innovative solution is the company’s Mobile Reel Handler.  “It was an idea that came up to solve a problem — moving heavy reels underground in tight spaces,” says owner Garry Clarke. “The Mobile Reel Handler is self-propelled with a very tight turning radius.  You simply drive up to the reel, pick it up and drive away.  It can operate on level surfaces, inclines or declines. It speeds up the process of lifting these reels and makes it safer. There’s nothing like it anywhere else and we can build one for you in whatever size you need.”

29 - Mobile Reel HandlerManaging maintenance

CMC has a fully-licensed mechanical shop where they service all makes and models of vehicles, heavy-duty machinery, and underground equipment. In addition, they offer fleet mechanical services, including oil changes, inspections, tune ups, mechanical work, and rough terrain vehicle service. Emergency support is available 24-7.

CMC offers a variety of other value-added services to help ensure their clients’ operation continues to run safely and smoothly.  The company has developed a chain hoist and lever hoist exchange program whereby used hoists are regularly exchanged for new ones to ensure they are always in safe working condition. Maintenance programs are also put in place for every item rented or sold with courtesy reminders sent out.  When the tools are in being repaired and recertified, CMC supplies their clients with fully recertified replacement parts.  Likewise, CMC will also retest and recertify older equipment to ensure it meets current safety regulations, supplying replacements while doing so.  CMC has recertified equipment for mines, construction companies and other rental companies in need of their services. CMC is the only equipment rental company in Saskatchewan that ensures all equipment is underground ready at no extra cost to the client.

Safety first

At CMC, your safety is their number one priority. They know mining and construction are dangerous activities which, if done using improper procedures or faulty equipment, can have dire consequences.  This is why CMC, a fully-accredited recertification facility, ensures every piece of equipment they rent has been stringently tested using pull testing done in massive hydraulic test beds. CMC will supply all recertified equipment with an official recertification certificate.

“We recertify to the highest standard,” states Frey.  “We make sure we consistently exceed customers’ expectations and also government regulations and even the manufacturer’s recommendations. We go above and beyond to ensure our customers don’t have any concerns when they get the equipment on site.”

“When you’re dangling from the roof of a tall building or working thousands of feet underground, it’s critical the tools you use have been carefully tested and are certified to be mechanically sound,” says Clarke.  “When you recertify equipment for mining or construction, you have to assume that someone’s life is depending on what you do because, as a rule, it is.”

This is why at CMC, they ensure the equipment they sell and rent is not only capable of doing the job it was intended to do, but 50 per cent more.  CMC understands the cost to a customer if a site is shut down due to safety concerns.

Every employee at CMC knows the current Occupational Health & Safety rules and regulations. They are also well-versed in Saskatchewan mining regulations along with those of other provinces and states. CMC maintains strong ties with mine inspectors and OH&S officers to ensure they are meeting and often exceeding current health and safety regulations.

“We are ISNET-certified,” notes Frey, “which is a testament to our safety culture and our safe work standards.  We also expect to receive our COR certification by mid-November. This summer, we signed on as a charter member of Mission Zero further committing to workplace safety — the safety of our workers, the safety of our gear, and the safety of our customers.  We take safety very seriously.  It’s a cornerstone of our everyday decision-making.”

To ensure the equipment they rent is properly certified, CMC extensively questions clients to ascertain exactly where and how it will be used — the location of the site, the depth of the shaft and more.  This is important because, as rules change, companies are often not aware of all the regulations governing safe usage.

Competent user training can be provided for equipment being rented.  “We will also train workers on the safe use of the equipment either at our office or on the job site,” says Frey.  CMC will go so far as to provide mines with engineered lift plans for lowering equipment safely down mine shafts.

29 - WN_PGM_image_DPU100-70Les_action_E18Charitable endeavours

CMC and the entire Northern Strands Group of Companies has a strong sense of corporate  social responsibility and has been supporting The Children’s Wish Foundation of Saskatchewan over the years, as well as a number of local events and sports teams.  Last year, the Northern Strands Group of Companies helped grant one child’s wish to see the Super Bowl and, the year before, another child’s wish to visit Disney World.  Just recently, the Northern Strands Group of Companies sponsored the Agrium Delisle Rodeo.  Owner Garry Clarke feels strongly about the Northern Strands Group of Companies and its employees supporting the community.  Clarke wants every employee to be proud of their fundraising efforts.  “They volunteer their time to raise money by have BBQs and collecting scrap metal for recycling,” he says.

CMC has recently moved to better serve the needs of their customers.  “We are still in close proximity to Northern Strands and Fortis so we can share our expertise to benefit our clients,” says Frey.  “Our new facility at 810 57th Street East consolidates our mechanical and testing sites under one roof.  It’s been a great move for us, allowing us to be more efficient for our customers.”

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