Crystal Clear – H2O Innovation offers water treatment in extreme environments

June 3, 2013

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As the North-American leader in the design and manufacture of custom-designed water treatment systems, H2O Innovation offers integrated solutions for the treatment of wastewater and the production of drinking water under the harshest conditions.

Wastewater Treatment Plant for the Town of Snow Lake
The Town of Snow Lake, MB signed a contract with H2O Innovation this past summer for the design, assembly, delivery, and commissioning of a wastewater treatment plant based on its patented BioWheel™ technology. With a capacity of 1,729 cubic meters per day (317 gallons per minute) the packaged plant will include 4 Bio-Wheel™. A similar project completed a few years ago by H2O Innovation in Manhattan, Montana won the American Council of Engineering Companies of Montana Engineering Excellence Grand Project Award for 2009.

The Bio-Wheel™ integrated fixed film activated sludge (IFAS) process is a combination of activated sludge and fixed film in a single treatment system, with the advantages of both: the fixed film provides a stable environment which resists upsets, while the activated sludge provides an efficient utilization of available biology by optimizing their environment, providing sufficient oxygen and mixing. This technology presents several advantages:

  • Sturdiness, simplicity, reliability
  • Low energy & small footprint
  • Low noise
  • Low sludge yields & superior dewatering
  • Simple controls
  • Easy maintenance

Drinking Water for Worker’s Camps
Just like lodging and food, drinking water supply is a major challenge for mining worker’s camps in northern Canada. H2O Innovation is well-known for its expertise in membrane filtration technologies and containerized systems. The drinking water production solutions offered by H2O Innovation to the players of the mining industry are flexible, adapted to their needs and easy to use in remote regions.

A Client-Driven Approach
Fully aware of the major functional, climatic, and environmental requirements of northern territories, H2O Innovation offers to its customers handy and reliable solutions, which consist of insulated and heated containers with the following benefits:

  • Constant quality of produced water: Whatever the raw water parameters, the nanofiltration physical barrier removes from water all undesirable substances (contaminants).
  • Mobility: Containers are easy to move to other sites depending on the client’s needs.
  • Adaptability: The treatment sequence easily adapts to the various natures of surface water and can also be used to treat some types of groundwater.
  • Easy Maintenance and Operation: H2O Innovation’s treatment sequence requires minimal intervention from the operator.
  • No Dangerous Chemicals: The membrane technology used by H2O Innovation ensures a safe filtration. Discharged water can be sent to storm sewer – with the exception of water resulting from membrane cleaning. In order to remedy this problem, H2O Innovation rotates membrane and cleans them at its plant, which reduces on-site water management requirements and avoids the use of sanitary sewer.
  • Proven Technology: To produce drinking water for worker’s camps, H2O Innovation uses its “NanH2Ofiltration” technology, which is identical to the technology used for municipal systems.
  • In-Plant Assembly and Test: The equipment used in the treatment sequence is assembled and tested in an ideally controlled environment at H2O Innovation’s plant in Ham-Nord, QC. H2O Innovation can thus offer better manufacturing lead times and can easily adjust if needed.

A Unique Expertise
As a complete solution provider H2O Innovation offers custom-designed solutions for the production of drinking water and industrial process water, the desalination, reclamation and reuse of water, and the treatment of wastewater. Additionally, H2O Innovation offers complete operating and maintenance solutions for membrane filtration and reverse osmosis systems. Headquartered in Quebec City, QC, H2O Innovation also has sales offices in western Canada and the United-States, and counts over 550 systems in operation around the world.

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