Di-Corp – They don’t just sell products, they deliver solutions.


Di-Corp’s roots date back to 1957 in the basement of company founder, Robert F. LePoole where he imported pipe tobacco and bicycles from Holland under the original company name of Hollimex Products.

LePoole and his family emigrated from the Netherlands in 1953, and his dream was to run his own company, and he knew that Canada would be a good place to do it. Distribution seemed a logical choice so LePoole used his contacts back home to source products.
Fifty-six years and two more generations of family ownership later, Di-Corp is well established as a leading distributor of specialty chemicals, parts, and accessories that serve the international natural resource marketplace.

Dynamic growth has been driven by a focus on exceptional service. Their service offering has evolved by adding field technicians and chemists to their line-up of product experts in order to provide solutions in addition to the products being carried.

Di-Corp has been supplying sodium carboxymethyly cellulose (CMC) made by Akzo Nobel in the Netherlands to the potash mining industry since 1958. Industry may know CMC by its present brand names – Staflo, Depramin and Akucell – all products that are still a part of DiCorp’s line up.

Di-Corp takes pride in the fact that they have been an integral part of the potash industry in Saskatchewan, helping to process this valuable ore with market leading reagents.
With 200 employees in 15 locations across Canada and the United States, Di-Corp is able to exceed customer’s needs with an efficient distribution footprint tailored to deliver solutions when and where it matters.

They continue to vertically integrate to ensure consistent and quality product offerings, and currently have a 12,000-square-foot facility in Saskatoon stocked to supply Saskatchewan and Manitoba mining projects.

In addition to serving the Saskatchewan potash industry, their mineral exploration products have been utilized to explore and develop Saskatchewan and Manitoba’s vast uranium, gold, zinc, nickel, and copper deposits.  With the recent growth of the Bakken Oilfield, drilling fluids and cementing products have helped drillers develop this vast natural resource.

With an eye towards the future, Di-Corp is focusing on innovative products and service offerings through rigorous research and development to work in local conditions. With the continued opportunities in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, they plan to continue to expand our footprint of service locations and exceptional service personnel.

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