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Expansions are creating job opportunities at PotashCorp

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A growing world population is leading to new jobs at PotashCorp as the company prepares for an expected rise in long-term demand for its agricultural staple: fertilizer.

For nearly 10-years, the Saskatoon-based company has been expanding its potash facilities in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick to increase its operational capacity to prepare for demand in the years to come. At a cost of $8.2 billion, PotashCorp’s expansion program is a major undertaking, but one that will position the company to take advantage of an anticipated rise in consumer need for its namesake nutrient.
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Through recently completed site expansions and those yet to come, PotashCorp is increasing its capacity and creating new jobs. In addition, employee retirements in the potash division are creating even more career openings in its home province. Like the scale of its expansion program, the number of people PotashCorp anticipates it will need to hire in the near future is significant – approximately 1,000 people over the next three years.

“PotashCorp already has an industry-leading team, but we forecast we’ll need more than 1,000 new hardworking, safety-focused people to staff our Saskatchewan potash operations between now and 2015,” says Lee Knafelc, PotashCorp’s vice president, Human Resources and Administration. “We have world-class potash assets, but our most important resource is our people. That’s why our goal to attract the most talented employees to our company is so important.”

The company is working with Aboriginal groups in Saskatchewan to help meet the need for skilled employees. In 2011, PotashCorp announced its commitment to deepen its relationship with Aboriginal organizations and increase First Nations and Métis representation both as employees and suppliers.

As the fastest growing demographic in Saskatchewan, the company sees plenty of opportunities for Aboriginal people to step into PotashCorp job openings today and in the coming years. The same sentiment holds true for people of non-Aboriginal heritage.

Creating a welcoming and inclusive working atmosphere is important, says Knafelc, but safety remains the number one priority at all PotashCorp sites. From the moment an employee arrives for his or her shift, safety becomes the focus of the individual and the team. The goal, he explains, is for people to leave work the same way they arrived – safe and healthy.

“We work every day to make sure our people are safe. While there are always improvements to be made, our employees take the safety of themselves and their coworkers seriously and personally,” says Knafelc.

PotashCorp employees realize their work helps nature provide. As the global population continues to rise, farmers are under pressure to produce more crops on little new land – and potash-rich fertilizer can help.

Today, about half of the world’s crops are grown with the help of fertilizer. As the earth’s population is expected to move from seven billion people to nine billion by 2050, producers will have to use the best farming practices available, including the use of fertilizer, to feed their families, communities, and the globe.

Through its role in the agriculture business, PotashCorp understands the world will need more food in the future. That’s why it’s expanding its potash operations and looking for the next generation of employees today to contribute to global food security tomorrow.

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