How to “Extract More” in Mining

18 - UptimeandPRIn today’s “pinched” commodities markets, Emerson mining specialists are working with miners who have come to understand that running a safe, effective, and efficient mine, mill, and refining process goes a long way towards improving the bottom line. Using modern technological innovations creates a more effective and secure business for employees and operators. A safer, “uptime engineered” mine helps mitigate operational and financial risk for owners and shareholders alike.

Miners globally are implementing the latest Emerson technologies including: energy efficient mechanical and electrical drive systems, wireless communications, advanced sensing like

sonar and radar, industry leading efficient computer power and cooling, and machinery health monitoring. These are just a few of the innovations currently available to the mining industry. Emerson also provides design and diagnostic tools that are supported by thousands of application specialists and engineering staff; expertise that is available worldwide.

Emerson invests in innovation, registering over 1,000 patents per year, and offering hundreds of

tried and tested advanced systems and technologies to help facilitate the miner’s goals. These mining solutions are available through each of the Emerson five specialized business platforms.

Trusted brands such as Fisher valves, Rosemount analytics, DeltaV and Plantweb are well-known technologies under the Emerson Process Management platform. They are known for controlling and monitoring essential systems in real time. Also within this platform is CSI, designed to predict and prevent unscheduled shutdowns due to equipment failure.

The term “reliability” could be used to describe the brands within the Emerson Industrial Automation group. Leroy Somer/KATO Engineering, Control Techniques, Appleton, and ASCO

Numatics are just a few brands with specialized mining expertise.

Emerson Network Power provides data-centre solutions, anywhere. Telecommunications and data management infrastructure are essential to a successful mine. Liebert, Asco Power and Emerson Energy Systems are just a few brands within this platform that specialize in grid to chip connectivity. Chloride Industrial offers connectivity assurance in harsh environments.

Vilter and Copeland compressors are well-known for their industrial gas compression capabilities. These hardworking Emerson Climate Technologies brands bring efficiency to the mine through their innovative heat moving capabilities.

Rounding out the five platforms is the long-established RIDGID tool brand. Professionals in mining have relied on these hand and advanced diagnostic tools for decades.

These are just a few examples of the multiple brands within the five Emerson platforms that are

dedicated to providing efficiencies and increased reliability in mining. Supporting uptime is the focus of Emerson in mining; uptime that will help the mine extract more.

In 2015, Emerson celebrates their 125-year anniversary and takes the time to reflect on the positive impact they have had on the world. Today, they are well positioned to ensure they meet their goal of leaving the world a better place than they found it. Through solving their customers’ more complex challenges to supporting the communities where people live and work, Emerson will continue to tackle the challenge, celebrate their successes, and “consider it solved” for another 125 years.

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