New in 2019: Glove Impact Protection Rating Standards

January 7, 2020

Work site injury statistics prove just how costly injuries are for both the company and the employee. We know that after back injuries, the hands, wrists and fingers are the most injured part of the body on a work site. This is where gloves come in. Thirty per cent of hand injuries occur because workers are wearing the wrong gloves for the task, and 70 per cent of hand injuries occur because workers are wearing inadequate or worn out gloves.

Modern materials and technology are changing the glove world faster than ever before. We now have standards that need to be adhered to with independent testing bodies for verification. Gloves that have been tested are marked with ratings so the consumer can be sure they are properly protected. There are tests for cut resistance, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, puncture resistance and chemical risk. New this year is a North American testing standard and rating system for gloves that claim impact resistance.  

The Ansi/ISEA 138 Impact standard was ratified this past April, and this is very good news for the end-user. This standard was created as a collaboration between ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and the ISEA (International Safety Equipment Association), hand surgeons, glove manufacturers and raw material suppliers. Watson Gloves was invited to participate as part of the working group to review, comment and vote on the drafts of the standard during the ratification process.

The Ansi/ISEA 138 Impact standard is a voluntary standard for the North American market designed to classify different levels of impact protection of gloves that are claiming impact resistance in the market. This is important because there was no way to rate impact protection before. Anyone could apply a thin piece of rubber on the back of the glove and call it “impact resistant”. Now there is a rating system to help consumers decide which glove actually provide proper impact resistance as the gloves must pass the new impact testing standard in order to bear the rating icon.

Many hand injuries can be completely avoided with the proper hand protection. This is why it is so important to choose the right glove for the task being performed. The design of the gloves is of the utmost importance. By placing impact resistant TPR components on the most vulnerable spots of the hand, Watson Glove provides the perfect balance between protection and performance. 

Among the many impact resistant styles that have recently been developed is the No. 9585 Commander, which is lined for winter. It has the highest level of impact resistance at Ansi/ISEA 138 Impact Level 3. 

 This glove also features:

  • Cold MX insulation – compact insulation that is windproof and anti-bacterial, and provides excellent thermal efficiency without the bulk;
  • Polariz inner lining – microfleece lining coated with aluminum dots that reflect the body’s radiant heat back towards body;
  • D3OiA Impact Additive back of hand components – D3O Impact Additive loaded into the TPR will allow 30 per cent better impact resistance compared to regular TPR at the same thickness; and 
  • An unlined version (Style number: No. 585).

In addition, Watson Gloves has partnered with the Wounded Warriors Canada and will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every pair of No. 585 and 9585 Commander gloves to the foundation.

For applications that do not require Level 3 impact resistance, Watson Gloves also has a variety of Ansi/ISEA 138 Impact Level 2 gloves available. 

Whatever you do, as an employer or as a consumer, it is important to ensure hands are properly protected. Contact Watson Gloves at 1 (800) 663 9509 or find out more at Don’t become a work site accident statistic.  

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