Rigid Global Components launches NEW WEBSITE

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Rigid Global Components, quality manufacturer of metal roof and metal wall panels and componentized metal buildings recently launched their new website www.rigidglobalcomponents.com

The new Rigid Components website www.rigidglobalcomponents.com features a complete listing of the company’s metal roof and metal wall profiles including soffit panels.  In addition it also offers an interactive building color selector to allow customers the opportunity to try out different Energy Star rated roof and wall colors before ordering.

Keeping up with today’s technological advances, the decision was made for the new site to be built on a new responsive platform allowing all users regardless of media platform to see the same information on the website.  Whether a visitor visits the new website from a computer, tablet or mobile device they will all see the same great website.  This new website platform allows Rigid to be very hands on when it comes to maintenance and management of their website.  The metal building industry is constantly changing with new building codes, sustainable building information as well as new products; this new platform allows adding new information easier than ever.

www.RigidGlobalComponents.com also links to Rigid’s social marketing tools such as their Facebook Page, LinkedIn Page, and Google Plus page. Rigid Global Components uses social media as another tool to keep engaged with customers and inform them of new products, specials, or changes in building codes.
Rigid Global Components General Manager Royce Schneider said “It is important to have a website that our customers can go to for information.  Our website is another extension of our sales team that works 365 days a year.”
Rigid Global Components manufactures metal roof and metal wall panels as well as componentized metal buildings for the construction industry.  Their parent company Rigid Global Buildings manufactures pre-engineered steel buildings, metal buildings, and structural steel.  For more information on Rigid Global Components contact Rigid at 1-877-935-2500 or visit the new website at www.RigidGlobalComponents.com

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