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SAFETY WHIPS logoThe increased number of regulations and requirements for mine safety doesn’t come as a surprise. Mining has historically held some of the most dangerous jobs, and the most dynamic work environments. Throughout mining’s history, new safety rules and regulations have been formed as a result of a hard earned lesson; as one veteran miner said, “each of these rules has blood on it.”  From an accident that results in bumps, bruises, and damages to one that results in fatalities, a momentary lapse or poor practice often results in an incident or accident. Mining our resources is a critical component to our global economy, however we must do so while sustaining effective safety practices and minimizing damages and loss of life.

Once corrective action is identified, swift implementation is critical to avoiding repetitive mistakes. SafetyWhips has built its reputation and success on this concept: first to respond, and quickest to adapt. The safety industry is dynamic, and the “Mine-Safety” industry must evolve and contribute immediately. SafetyWhips continually adjusts its manufacturing process and product offerings to allow for this change instantaneously.

Does anyone recall seeing a small truck equipped with a long broomstick and a red rag at the tip? You won’t see many mine sites still allowing a “broomstick and rag” as a safety flag, and this is due to several corrective mandates following accidents at a number of mine sites. The specific height of a flag 12 feet in the air factually prevents loss of life.  Investigators have used data to reconstruct proper viewing angles and distances of larger equipment to assert that 12-foot tall warning whips be required to avoid future incidents.

Mine PictureLook at it this way, we have a minimum of five senses with sight being one of the most valued senses for well-being and production. Increasing visibility is the most critical safety measure for all mine sites.

SafetyWhips has focused its research and development on improving site visibility through use of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) technology.  In recent years, the mine industry has increasingly utilized LEDs to improve equipment efficiency, saving on equipment maintenance costs while simultaneously achieving a high level of visibility for safety.

SafetyWhips has stayed at the forefront of this gradual transition by engineering and producing Warning Whip products, Auxiliary Lighting products, and Vehicle Identification Lighting products with the brightest whip lights available and the most robust Vehicle Identification Systems made.

As the industry leader in extremely heavy duty Vehicle Identification Display (VID) systems, SafetyWhips produces products that no other company has been able to replicate.  The VID is the most visible, withstands the most extreme mining environments, and easily takes a high pressure bath.

VID Front 2012When it comes to site visibility and safety, SafetyWhips’ engineers use up-to-date LED technology to outperform all competitors. Visibility is critical, and in separate reports issued in the USA by MSHA, the inability to properly identify large equipment can result in catastrophic damage and fatalities. Sites globally such Freeport McMoRan in Morenci, Arizona (U.S.) and Oyu Tolgoi in Ulaanbaatar City, Mongolia have set their site standards to specifically require “SafetyWhips” brand products for large equipment identification. The product line’s recognition as having the best visibility and best durability in the market is supported by sites in more than 18 countries globally currently using and requiring these products.

Mine site safety is an ongoing target, with “best practices” being the path to the safest work environment possible. Through the selection of the right products made by manufacturers who understand these environments, mine sites are safer and more productive.

By Michael Tucker


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