Setting the Standard for Off-Road Exploration Drilling

June 10, 2013

Eklund MPD 1500 Dec. 2004 017

Many years of field experience and continuous product improvement have made Foremost Exploration Series drills the standard for off-road exploration.

Mobile, Versatile, and Economical
Built on a proven Foremost articulated carrier, the Prospector W750 is highly mobile in off-road applications. In addition, it is capable of on-road speeds up to 22 mph (35 km/h). On road or off, the result is quick mobilization between holes or mine sites. Reduced travel time means increased drilling productivity.

The Prospector W750 is a versatile machine: The low pressure terra-tires or sure grip earth mover tires allow it to travel to remote sites with minimal environmental impact. The unique mast pivots laterally through 180 degrees for increased productivity when drilling in the pit or against a wall.

Explorer 1500
The Explorer 1500 is the ideal machine for the early stages of exploration, where roads are not built and even small environmental damage must be restored.
IMG_0833eThe rubber tires also enable the Explorer 1500 to travel at reasonable speeds between different mine sites or holes. The integral Foremost designed carrier features a hydraulic levelling deck for safe operation on sloped terrain. The front dozer blade aids in quick site preparation and in stabilizing the rig during drilling operations make the Explorer 1500 a leader in tracked off-road exploration drilling

Discoverer MPD 1500
The Discoverer MPD 1500 offers the same drill components and specifications as the Explorer 1500 with the added benefit of a tracked undercarriage. The MPD 1500’s tracked configuration provides the ultimate in climbing ability on steep grades and side slopes.

Like its terra-tired sibling, the MPD 1500 comes equipped with a hydraulic levelling deck and front dozer blade. The optional sampling cyclone enables safe monitoring of cuttings and collection of samples.

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