TNR Industrial Doors Inc. brings the Canadian touch to the international market

bOWeAxX6UEKCqtlywyvoJhWKYnqAGeJW98qTskDzkyUTNR Industrial Doors Inc. is the largest producer of high-performance rubber doors in Canada—and plans to stay that way.

Based out of Barrie, Ontario, the privately owned—and proudly Canadian—company is well-positioned to build and compete with any high-performance door on the market, says company CEO Cathy Buckingham, who is quick to highlight TNR products as durable, easy to install and easy to maintain.

Undeniably, the company’s quality craftsmanship is complemented by their desire to build and source locally. And, their high-performance, high-speed, high-impact doors (available in rubber or fabric) have attracted both national and international attention in commercial and industrial sectors.

“Our orders are made to fit our clients,” Buckingham says. “We will custom build—by the inch—and normally doors are ready to ship in two weeks.”


A leader in their field, TNR Industrial Doors Inc. is a relatively young company, opening its doors in late 2003. Yet, only a few years later, the company had become one of the strongest contenders in the USA and South America—and remain that way today. Recently, TNR expanded into a new 70,000-square-foot facility to better meet client demand. This marks the company’s third expansion to date.

When asked what the company’s secret to success was, the CEO was quick to sum it up in one word: people.

“I think one of the things that sets us apart (and I’ve been told this) is our corporate culture,” notes Buckingham, a recent recipient of the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award. “When we started this company from scratch, it was really important to establish that we are a business family and that we make sure part of that family is our customer.”

gJdZisUXScEnmV4t0PNI3GcLaXfNCboh35pmYRm6KisTogether, Buckingham’s team offers an excess of 500 years of combined experience and consistently operates with a customer-first focus. Currently, the company has been partnering with end-users to develop new products, such as high-performance fabric doors; their newest project, currently under development, caters to the corrosive environment sector and will be introduced to market in the next few months.

“I think what separates any good company—whether small, medium or large—is that you genuinely have to care about the people who use your product,” she concludes. “We recognize that we deal with large industrial users, and we’re there to meet their needs.”

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