Unearthing the North on Wings – Calm Air

August 5, 2013


Calm Air’s story began over 50 years ago from the humble beginnings of a fishing camp float plane operation to now being one of central Canada’s largest regional airlines. Founders, Arnold and Gail Morberg, recognized the importance of reliable air service to their camp guests and established the Airline in 1962. In 2009, Calm Air was purchased by Exchange Income Corporation who deemed Calm Air a successful company with long term goals and commitment to future growth.

Reliable air service is still one of Calm Air’s philosophies today.  Passenger service is scheduled to five communities in Manitoba and seven communities in the Kivalliq region of Nunavut on a daily basis.  This is not an easy feat as the weather can be temperamental in the north.  Jet service was introduced to the Manitoba communities two years ago.  The Dornier J328, with seating capacity of 32 and a speed of 370 mph, has been proven to be the aircraft that is the ticketed choice amongst travelers. With a growing population in the north, Jet service was required for the convenience of time for the business and medical traveller.
cargo_cmykPassenger service only makes up approximately half of Calm Air’s total business.  Calm Air’s fleet of eight ATR 42 and two ATR 72’s handle its Customer cargo and freight needs with ease.  The ATR 42 holds up to 11,000 pounds of freight and only needs a 3,000-foot runway, while the ATR 72 can take up to 16,000 pounds of freight needing a 3,600-foot runway.  These ATR‘s have the capability to land on gravel and ice strips and haul both bulk tanks and fuel drums.  With warehousing of their own in Garden Hill and Oxford House, delivery in and out of these communities has never been easier.  Also having an expanded warehouse facility in Churchill has not only has opened more doors in Northern Manitoba, but it is opening doors to the high Arctic as well.

The combination of passenger and air cargo in these remote communities is what makes Calm Air so successful today. Calm Air has the ability to take a 42 passenger aircraft down to a 22 passenger aircraft and combine that with freight which makes these types of Aircraft very viable in the North.

With bases in Thompson, Churchill and Winnipeg, Calm Air has opened the gateways to the North.

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